With the rising star, the day started. A boy was running to the railway station. When he reached the station, he entered the train after an hour of waiting. However, his parents did not know where he was. The entire reason for his running away was Wednesday, the 27th of October, a sunny day […]


At the time, I was living in a rent room. One morning, I heard a voice yelling, “Pani aa gaya. Pani bahar lo” (Water has come. Come outside to get it.). I told my family that the water had arrived, and I went outside where there were several people filling their vessel with water. In […]


The problem in India is that the banks are crowded with people for exchange of money. So, they are not in lines and no one is ready to be in a line. Instead, they are just shouting to exchange money. I think that these people are doing this task impatiently. From shouting, they also hurt […]

Finding My Own Answers

One day when I woke up and begun to get ready for school, I realized I was late. I usually take the bus at 7:15, and reach school by 7:55 to be there on time. But, today I reached at 8:15 because of the Delhi traffic. This traffic was growing to be such a problem! […]

Small Steps

Once upon a time, there was a village named Rampur. In one part of Rampur, the children were so carefree that they never took education seriously. These children always played with each other and had all the time in the world. In the second part of Rampur, the children were so intelligent that they always […]


I want to create good thoughts in order to feel positive but in return, frivolous thoughts bombard my mind. I thought that people lived in the present but I realized that everyone is living in the past. They are thinking about mantras and babas. They are causing themselves to live in the past and not […]


Wow! What a beautiful place to be! I have never been to a place like this before. Around me, there are people fetching water from a river that resembles glass. In fact, the river is so transparent that one can see what is inside the water. It is so clean and healthy that people can […]

Faults In Perfection

Who thought that girls would study in the village? One day, when I woke up, all the girls in the village were going to school with their school bags, I was so surprised because I had never seen a girl accompany me and my sister to school. That day, everything changed. All the girls in […]