Faults In Perfection

Who thought that girls would study in the village?

One day, when I woke up, all the girls in the village were going to school with their school bags, I was so surprised because I had never seen a girl accompany me and my sister to school. That day, everything changed. All the girls in the class were participating in the discussion actively and the boys were not teasing the courageous girls. In fact, all the boys were supporting the girls. What was going on this morning?

Whatever was happening this morning was extremely strange because I have never seen girls going to school let alone boys respecting girls within the classroom. I had wanted all of this to happen for so long, but they were finally coming true. I thought it would take years and years to change but it all changed in one night.

Now, the world has become perfect in my eyes however other still find small faults.

By: Chanchal


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