Finding My Own Answers

One day when I woke up and begun to get ready for school, I realized I was late. I usually take the bus at 7:15, and reach school by 7:55 to be there on time. But, today I reached at 8:15 because of the Delhi traffic. This traffic was growing to be such a problem! I had to do something to decrease this traffic.

To do so, one day I did not go to school and stayed at home. I went out to the road, where there was a traffic light with green light, red light and orange light. And what I saw at that light was that there was traffic the entire day- in the morning, in the evening and at night. So, I made a rule to have separate roads for separate vehicles. One for cars, one for buses, one for cycles and one for motorcycles. I suggested there is so much traffic because on one road for everything, different vehicles occupy different amounts of space.

So, the next day, I went to a place where there was a big-big road and made it into four parts.

This solution really worked! Traffic decreased as all the people could drive and ride easily. After doing this in one place, I did it at several other places that faced similar problems with . It all worked! Now, people can go anywhere easily.

By: Manisha

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