The black cup of ice cream was full of chakoli and white strawberries, garnished with mint leaves to help refresh the atmosphere in the sweltering heat. A boy laying on the footpath was looking at the white earrings that were hooked in the sky. And the boy hoped that the silence of his mind and lips would be broken by the thunder from his heart.

And when he closed his eyes, he saw himself flying with clouds and sitting on top of the moon. He dreamt that the world had changed, everyone had changed, and that he could finally drive a BMW. And, he retained this dream once he awoke. He kept repeating the phrase, “Great minds never wish, they always have a purpose” in his mind. But, when one man shouted in his ears and said, “Hey! It’s not your property, get up!”, he was forced back into the real world. His tiny, pale face and big blue eyes begun to move away from the man but then he thought of his phrase.

By: Jyoti

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