At the time, I was living in a rent room. One morning, I heard a voice yelling, “Pani aa gaya. Pani bahar lo” (Water has come. Come outside to get it.). I told my family that the water had arrived, and I went outside where there were several people filling their vessel with water. In doing so, they were wasting a lot of water as much of it spilled over. I felt bad about this as I noticed the line of other people waiting to fill water from the tap. But, there was not even one drop of water. In our village, the trees had grown dry and therefore, there was less greenery available. This was all due to the problem of water! Since was no water, people could not give water to the trees.

But, it was all a dream. That morning I was so disappointed that I didn’t want to wake up. I still went to school, where teachers taught us to save water since that was a big problem in our society. The same morning, my teachers sent one of my peers and I to Rajasthan for some days to observe everything. There, I saw children wake up at 4am to go get water from rivers 2-3km away, which prohibits them from attending school. Then, I realized that water affects society and education deeply. It was like a tree- a tree needs water to grow, and without water, there is no life. I spoke with one girl who told me that she needed to wake up early to get water, and she couldn’t go to school because of this.

When, I went back home, I thought about how people are not getting water to drink, but people are still wasting water. All these people don’t know the affect of all these aspects. As I slept that night, a beautiful dream appeared in my mind. I saw a world without water wastage and everyone receiving drinking water. I saw all the children going to school with their schoolbags. I saw people saving even the last drop of water. I saw no fights over water, and a world of equality.

And, then I came back into reality. But, I was still hoping that our hard work would change this future. I am one of the people who can change this India by sharing my thoughts with everyone. To do so, it is important to focus on our on society and what we are doing. Change can only start from us. Once you change yourself, the world around you will also change. Don’t just speak of change, initiate change. I will try to apply this on my own self.

By: Pooja

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