The problem in India is that the banks are crowded with people for exchange of money. So, they are not in lines and no one is ready to be in a line. Instead, they are just shouting to exchange money. I think that these people are doing this task impatiently. From shouting, they also hurt others. In order to avoid this, I think these people should form a line quietly and wait for his or her turn. Patience won’t just help everyone now, it will help them further in the future as well. This only an example of a bank, but in your life, there will be many times when you will have to wait patiently. For example, if you apply for a job you really like but do not get it, you should not give up believing that you will get a job you like one day. Be patient and do hard work. Just keep trying. Therefore, I suggest that people be patient every single moment of his or her lives.

By: Suraj

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