I want to create good thoughts in order to feel positive but in return, frivolous thoughts bombard my mind.

I thought that people lived in the present but I realized that everyone is living in the past. They are thinking about mantras and babas. They are causing themselves to live in the past and not the present. Since they are living in the past, they will never get a good result, they will be stuck. If everything changed, the world would be riveting for once.

If they try to have a look at the present, they will be able to differentiate between the present and the past. They will realize that the present is better than the past. They will always have a positive demeanor if they try to remember that they live in the present.

By living in the present, they will be able to create their own future because the future is an effect of the present. People will have amazing ideas to create their futures. It will be changed from dark to light.

By: Gayatri


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