Untitled by SOL is an initiative by the organization Slam Out Loud in collaboration with Ayla Dhawan.

In 2016, I met Slam Out Loud. I’m Ayla Dhawan. I’m currently a student at the American Embassy School and I identify as a writer. I believe that writing is the ultimate form of self expression and therefore I decided that I wanted to spread the art of writing stories. I want younger children to understand how writing can benefit them and how they can be heard through their writing. In order to see more of my writing and what I aim to accomplish by writing, check out my personal blog.

From November 2016 to February 2017, I worked with a group of 10 children, courtesy of the Slam Out Loud Foundation which promotes social cultural and personal benefits of storytelling and personal narration. The Slam Out Loud foundation has the singular goal of making children’s voices be heard; voices that are often silenced, by the stultifying effects of endemic poverty and systemic inequality. My original teaching clinic met on a bi-weekly basis and we discussed effective pedagogical strategies. These strategies included: story prompts, characterisations, audience, sentence development, micro-stories and vocabulary.